New arrival…

Princess & the pups

Some of you may have noticed this picture in my facebook and myspace pics. This is a pic of Princess, Joe’s sister’s  (Remy) yorkie, and her puppies. She had them last week – a litter of 6. A few months ago I was told of Princess’ pregnancy and that Remy was planning to give the away to family.  I immediately told Joe to sign me up on that list! I’d been wanting a dog for a LOOONG time, but decided that I wouldn’t get one until I am more settled. I survived my first year at work and Joe has a better job and is planning to move closer to the neighborhood – so it seemed that now would be the perfect time.  Furthermore, puppies are expensive (even if I adopted), so the prospect of getting one was still a long way away until these li’l darlin’s came along. They have to be with Princess for about 8-9 weeks. So I will take one home in the Spring. The weather will be a little warmer for puppy training. 😉

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