Still livin’ it up in Bed-Stuy

Most of you probably remember that my sister and I had decided to move after our friend was hit upside the head and robbed on our block. Joanie and I had our hearts set on staying in the neighborhood, but moving south towards the A train. After seeing a few places, we found our new home. We moved in on 12/31/08 and presently settling into our apartment. We are quite the wannabes w/ our decorating process. We’ve decided to slowly set everything up while unpacking so that we don’t have to move things twice. Furthermore, we want our place to feel like home. Pics to come as soon as I get back from DC…I’m celebratin’ the Inauguration in the Capital!

3 Responses to “Still livin’ it up in Bed-Stuy”

  1. tremaine Says:

    I’m tryna see pics 🙂 Again, congratulations to you and your sister. I hope you guys make it back safely from DC, I’m sure you had a blast!

  2. We Are Never Full Says:

    sh*t. that’s horrible. we were looking to move to bed stuy at some point. it’s sad that these incidents happen. it really gives a wonderful neighborhood a horrible rap. so sorry for your friend.

    • vettievette Says:

      Thanks for the thoughts. 🙂 I love bed-stuy, but like with any New York ‘nabe you just have to be very self-aware of yourself and your surroundings. So far, the new part of the ‘nabe has been good to us! If you ever need tips on where to move, just aski. 🙂

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