Upper East Side Filipino Thanksgiving = Turkey MIA

Lechon, originally uploaded by joeytoofresh.

My family has never really been big fans of turkey. The earliest Thanksgiving I remember my family celebrating when I was in grade school, the centerpiece was a chicken. We made turkey in following years, but never in the traditional American way. One year my uncle roasted it outside on a spit. The past two years my dad has been slow cooking it in our Webber to perfection.

So, in true Santos-Villacorta style, we served pork loin roast, pinakbet (pork w/ string beans and squash), baked chicken, and a ham accompanied by rice, stuffing, etc. The picture above is from the after party. YES – the day after. It just so happened that a bunch of family was visiting from the Philippines and Washington State so we were invited to not one, but two nights of revelry where Friday evening’s centerpiece was a suckling roast pig. Better than any turkey out there. Vegetarians beware when coming to my house…

2 Responses to “Upper East Side Filipino Thanksgiving = Turkey MIA”

  1. IZZY "The Artist" Says:

    Nice post!- enjoyed… hey check out my poem in the LIFE tag, blog feature….comment please,(its featured at the top if you click on the LIFE tag: http://wordpress.com/tag/life/


    MMMMMMMMMM @ allllll the food…….!
    I eat pizza and leftovers on TG true story, but it was good:)

  2. tremaine Says:

    *snatches up some grapes*

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