I am happy not because…

Thanks to my fellow blogger Wqueens7 for posting this pic!

Thanks to my fellow blogger Wqueens7 for posting this pic!

Not because the candidate I voted for was elected.

Not because my family came in the 1970s and fought hard to become US citizens and reminded for days on end to vote.

Not because the kids I work with finally have a popular Black male role model to look up to who isn’t an athlete or music star.

Not because my friends around the world are breathing  a sigh of relief.

Not because he kept whatshername out of the White House.

Not because he is Black.

I am happy because we were all witness to the democratic process working on that glorious Tuesday evening, bringing back some of the hope and faith lost 8 years ago.

And when the confetti is cleaned up and the streamers put away – we can go to bed at night knowing that Barack Hussein Obama won fairly and convincingly.

God Bless America.

2 Responses to “I am happy not because…”

  1. tremaine Says:

    I humbly & wholeheartedly agree. I wish you could have seen the look on my face as I watched the Electoral College votes increase by the minutes & hours… It was indeed a great night. And, I am looking forward to a great 4 (and hopefully 8) years…

  2. Joseline Says:

    love the illustration!

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