Hardest part of the evening is gettin’ the crowd going…

Yvette’s crowd, originally uploaded by joeytoofresh.

And when a finicky house crowd starts to do freaky things on the dancefloor while I beat the shit out of Steve Arrington’s, “Way Out”, it’s a job a well done. My set was early by DJ standards – 11pm, but my goal for the night was to make my DJ mentor/good friend RAS happy during 40th birthday party and to get his crowd…yes HIS crowd…into the groove. I knew I was doing something right when he kept giving me the nod of approval and the house heads started going 4 to the floor.

I felt like it was one of the best sets I’ve ever played, albeit a short one because once I got settled in after the technical problems, my mixes were clean, and I was having fun w/ the crowd.

One Response to “Hardest part of the evening is gettin’ the crowd going…”

  1. trEmaine Says:

    you are doing very big and important things… lol… and, it looks like you had loads of run… congrats lady ~

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