Hardest part of the evening is gettin’ the crowd going…

Yvette’s crowd, originally uploaded by joeytoofresh.

And when a finicky house crowd starts to do freaky things on the dancefloor while I beat the shit out of Steve Arrington’s, “Way Out”, it’s a job a well done. My set was early by DJ standards – 11pm, but my goal for the night was to make my DJ mentor/good friend RAS happy during 40th birthday party and to get his crowd…yes HIS crowd…into the groove. I knew I was doing something right when he kept giving me the nod of approval and the house heads started going 4 to the floor.

I felt like it was one of the best sets I’ve ever played, albeit a short one because once I got settled in after the technical problems, my mixes were clean, and I was having fun w/ the crowd.

Rick Rossin’ it at the Dog Run

For those unfamiliar w/ RIck Ross and his *revelation* read this first.

A few days ago I take Milo to the dog run at Von King Park about 4 blocks away from my neighborhood. Milo and I are ‘regulars’ at the run whenever he’s at my house and we’re friendly with quite a few of the dogs and their humans there. It’s typically a peaceful place for the dogs to meet n’ greet. To me the run serves is a great effort by old and new residents of the ‘Stuy to make the park a little more fun and safe for the community and our pets. We fought hard for the run to exist and got it. Not even Fort Greene or Clinton Hill aka the more gentrified ‘hoods have a run.

Sometimes, though, and I mean SOMEtimes there are still remnants of the big, bad Do or Die even at the dog run.

I was there this past Wednesday evening and Milo had been happily running around playing chase when I hear a scuffle between two dogs. I was sitting on a far bench so I didn’t see what exactly happened. Scuffles are nothing new and are usually settled quickly. Then I hear the kids on the sidewalk talking – “Oooh! That man had a gun! They should go fight the dogs and earn a bit of money!” *record skips* And this is where I look into the camera like Ferris – “WTF!?” I grab Milo as the owner of this very nice and big, St. Bernard/Lab mix named Lily, grabs her and jets. Dogs sense when the energy is off and Milo starts to feed into it to play the mediator which could lead to him getting hurt, so I said “OK! Time to jet!” and left swiftly.

The following day I go to the run and these two sweet Am-Staff terriers start begging for my water jug. I give them and the other dogs water and as soon as I step off the bench the female AmStaff bites the top off my jug and goes at it. I laugh and as I go to pet her, I notice she’s underfed. Rib cage jutting out, scars on her lips indicating that she’s been fighting, etc. *Insert another WTF!* moment here. The other owners casually say to the AmStaff owners to water their dogs as they see her knock over the jug and go at it. I look over to the owners and just notice something was a little off. They weren’t too concerned about their dogs getting overly playful or rough. In fact they were laughing when another dog would check their dogs.

Fastforward to yesterday I am at the dog run Friday morning and Milo is happily playing with this Chow mix named Daisy and another puppy a little younger than him named Duke. Daisy’s owner asks me if I heard of the guy w/ a gun. And I explained to him that I didn’t stay long to actually see the gun, but heard the kids mention it. We talk about how inappropriate that is, etc. and how Coby’s owner (dog who got gun pointed at him) should file a complaint. Turns out dude w/ gun is a CO so he is licensed to carry a live piece. However, HOWEVER, this does not give you license to point it at a dog EVER. Nothing ever justifies that. Rick Rossin’ it at the dog run. People are insane. I also ask if they noticed the two Am Staffs who are underfed (Daisy was there too) and explained to them that I noticed the dogs were really skinny, scarred (yes SCARS) and malnourished when I gave them water.

It saddens me to this day that people treat their pets like trash that can be thrown out and easily replaced. It is even more alarming that anybody would point a gun at a dog and think that’s kosher. I was tempted to call 311 or the ASPCA on the owners of the AmStaffs but I don’t know where they live.

I will continue to take Milo to the run because it makes him happy and gives him a lot of exercise he needs, but will definitely be more careful and observant of which dogs are there.

On a nicer day...

On a nicer day...