Brooklyn Keeps On Takin’ It: The Afro-Punk Block Party

I’ve been going to quite a few events this summer and almost all of them have been $Free.99. The quality of these events have been out of this world. As many of you know – I have wide open ears when it comes to music. Afropunk is a fun event because you get a little bit of everything – rock, hip hop, punk and soul. As with any outdoor BK event, you’re bound to run into everybody.

From fellow Pinays like Fly Lady Di:

Or R&B/Soul divas like Ms. N’dea Davenport. I admit to cheesin’ it up when I met her and telling her that I have every album and play at least one Brand New Heavies song during my set (no joke).

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Dustin’ off the vinyl w/ Brina Payne, Brainchild & Waajeed!

flyer by yours truly

flyer by yours truly

4th of July Weekend

Funky BBQs.

And Janelle Monae.

I love accidental music discoveries. I’d heard about her through OKP, but being wary of some bad OKP recommendations before, I wasn’t quick to pick up on her stuff. She blew me away. Raw energy topped w/ punk-ska, J-pop, brand new heavies style hat sounds familiar but is completely her own creation. Wow. I was so excited that I grabbed Joe’s camera and messed around with the settings. The pic above is the result and I think it captures the hyped up adrenaline of Janelle and the crowd. I also think being able to capture the flash was a nice touch.

Check her out: Janelle Monae