In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been…

Hello Milo!, originally uploaded by vettie vette.

This is Milo. He is an 8 month old pitt, bassett hound, and dachshund mix. We (sis, roomie Mehdi, and Joe) saw him up for adoption at PetCo through Earth Angels NYC. It is the same group that rescued my landlord’s dog, Dooley. As you can probably tell – we didn’t get a Yorkie from Joe’s sister. The yorkie pup has a rare medical condition and it is only right she stays in Texas where she can get the proper care through their vet.

Instead, this silly boy found us.

He is a sweetie pie w/ major separation issues (dug up 3 carpets in 3 rooms already) so we have him on a strict crating schedule. He is crated ’til about 3 or 4. My landlord brings him downstairs to hang w/ everybody else (3 other dogs – Dooley, Cayman, and Ularoo) until she leaves for work and crates him upstairs again. I’m usually home by 5 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Around 7 Tuesdays. And Joe gets him Friday nights when I’m at my outpatient clinic job. Furthermore, he is walked early in the morning everyday before I leave for work and Joe walks him Monday-wednesday before he leaves. Thursdays and Fridays he gets to hang w/ my sister who works out of the house and she crates him for a few hours so his schedule remains consistent. We crate even on weekends at Joe’s to keep up the consistency, especially when we need to run errands and he can’t come with us all the time.

We’ve only had him for a week and a half and we just started him on this schedule this week after discovering he truly cannot be free to roam about the house because he hurts himself from digging at the door when we are gone. Thank God he doesn’t destroy anything else.

Oh and he taught his mommy and daddy that he needs interesting and challenging toys to build up his confidence/prey drive. My housemate, and resident dog whisperer, Deveren, taught me to make toys more interesting by freezing yogurt and treats in hollowed bones and a large jack shaped plastic thingy. I am also stuffing a kong ball w/ scoopy snacks. We play a lot of ‘find it’ games (hiding toys/treats for him to hunt), sit/stay/down games, and the good ol’ fetch. This will hopefully keep him fixated on getting something good rather than worrying about being alone and hurting his paws from trying to dig his way to freedom.