Out of Hibernation: A New Mix!

I haven’t made a mix since last summer. It was a period of time where I wasn’t really inspired or motivated to make a mix of my own despite going to many parties and enjoying other DJs play music I liked.Since that time I have acquired a lot more music – both vinyl and digital and decided to combine both technologies together. Don’t get me wrong – I love vinyl. I love the sound of it and the way it feels at the finger tips. I still buy records religiously. But my records are probably the most valuable thing I own and I can’t trust others or the environment to appreciate that. So to help preserve my collection and w/ a little help from Dad (thanks, Dad!) I put my pride away and got Traktor Scratch.This mix is a result of using Traktor and vinyl together. Yep – that’s right I can mix real records on Traktor without having to switch cables! I’m still getting used to the setup, but despite the (very) few mistakes, I am happy with the result. So bust out your iPods and let me know what you think!Enjoy…

Out of Hibernation

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