I wrote a letter…


I received a generic email from the Obama campaign to write about why I voted for him. I got into it and imagined myself on the podium introducing at a rally. Here is what came out:

My parents came to this country from the Philippines in 1979 and have always been Democrats. They firmly believe that this party has their best interests at heart – economic policy, social justice, and education.When it was my turn to register at the age of 18, I initially registered as an Independent. I was disillusioned by the two party machine and believed at one point Republicans or Democrats did not take a firm stand on the issues that mattered to me the most. These issues are similar to the ones my parents value – right to a good education, social justice, economy, immigration, and the war in Iraq.After 4 years of President Bush, I changed my registration from Independent to Democrat in 2004. I decided that in order for there to be any change – I had to work with the two party system. A system that, while flawed, is one that is the most established in this country. I learned from my work as a student activist and social worker that sometimes I gotta work with a flawed system to effect change. On February 5, 2008 – I proudly cast my vote for Senator Barack Obama. After 8 years of economic/political turmoil in this country, I believe that Senator Obama can help put us on the right path of healing. My parents and siblings – longtime supporters of President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton – voted for him too. My family believes that this country needs a change so drastic that it spans the spectrum of political ideology and history. And it touches every single person living here – from the brownstones of Bedford-Stuyvesant to the Alaskan coast.The time for change is now.Obama ’08! 

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