Out of Hibernation: A New Mix!

I haven’t made a mix since last summer. It was a period of time where I wasn’t really inspired or motivated to make a mix of my own despite going to many parties and enjoying other DJs play music I liked.Since that time I have acquired a lot more music – both vinyl and digital and decided to combine both technologies together. Don’t get me wrong – I love vinyl. I love the sound of it and the way it feels at the finger tips. I still buy records religiously. But my records are probably the most valuable thing I own and I can’t trust others or the environment to appreciate that. So to help preserve my collection and w/ a little help from Dad (thanks, Dad!) I put my pride away and got Traktor Scratch.This mix is a result of using Traktor and vinyl together. Yep – that’s right I can mix real records on Traktor without having to switch cables! I’m still getting used to the setup, but despite the (very) few mistakes, I am happy with the result. So bust out your iPods and let me know what you think!Enjoy…

Out of Hibernation

Happy times…

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Friday evening on St. Marks.

This smile is a result of 1 bottle of Asahi, toro tartare, and a plate of Japanese croquettes.

I wrote a letter…


I received a generic email from the Obama campaign to write about why I voted for him. I got into it and imagined myself on the podium introducing at a rally. Here is what came out:

My parents came to this country from the Philippines in 1979 and have always been Democrats. They firmly believe that this party has their best interests at heart – economic policy, social justice, and education.When it was my turn to register at the age of 18, I initially registered as an Independent. I was disillusioned by the two party machine and believed at one point Republicans or Democrats did not take a firm stand on the issues that mattered to me the most. These issues are similar to the ones my parents value – right to a good education, social justice, economy, immigration, and the war in Iraq.After 4 years of President Bush, I changed my registration from Independent to Democrat in 2004. I decided that in order for there to be any change – I had to work with the two party system. A system that, while flawed, is one that is the most established in this country. I learned from my work as a student activist and social worker that sometimes I gotta work with a flawed system to effect change. On February 5, 2008 – I proudly cast my vote for Senator Barack Obama. After 8 years of economic/political turmoil in this country, I believe that Senator Obama can help put us on the right path of healing. My parents and siblings – longtime supporters of President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton – voted for him too. My family believes that this country needs a change so drastic that it spans the spectrum of political ideology and history. And it touches every single person living here – from the brownstones of Bedford-Stuyvesant to the Alaskan coast.The time for change is now.Obama ’08! 


 Valentine’s Day means so much more to me than a box of chocolate and a hot date.  This is the day that my paternal grandmother aka Apo was born in 1918.  She is still alive and well. Gentle and wise like Yoda.  I try to call her every couple of weeks to see how she’s doing and of course I didn’t forget her birthday.  We talked for a few about life mostly about work and what I ate that day.  I asked her if anybody was coming over and she said “just us.”  “Just us” means 7 of her 8 children, 9 of 13 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.  Whenever there’s a Filipino party in Concord, CA, chances are the Cuencos are at the helm.  With the advent of technology I got to join in on some of the fun! This clip is of me greeting Apo for her birthday (in our native tongue, of course) and her blowing out the candles.  You may want to turn down the volume as the Cuencos have no sense of pitch control. 🙂 Enjoy!

I Ain’t Rich, B*TCH!

Such is life that in 2008 a social worker w/ a Master’s degree is paid $42,288. Yes, that social worker be me.  Um, and please note that is gross income.  Granted, I am thankful for my job and I know that I am more fortunate than many others, but some days I do wish I hit the jackpot or something.  Because let’s face it in order to earn this salary I pulled out loans that were worth nearly the same amount! Regrets? No. Never. But the reality has hit and I had to respond accordingly.I will soon be working extra fee for service hours at an outpatient clinic on Friday evenings and Saturdays. The bonuses include: extra income to off-set the burn of loan repayment and more experience. Moreover, I gain some peace of mind. I hate stressing out about money and I would rather be smart about it now, than pay for it later.

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