Jumpin’ into the New Year!

The Santos Family Jump! (I'm in the orange coat)

I’ve been back home in BK for about a week now after enjoying the holiday break with family. As always with every large family – you get a little bit of everything.  My sister and I started our vacation by visiting our nephew in New Jersey. He was born in late November and this was our first time seeing him.  Mind you, I’ve had nieces and nephews for a while now, but being around him is different because most of my other cousins w/ kids are much older.  Seeing my cousin who is my age have a baby made me realize even more that new chapters are being written by me and others in my generation.  
Me & Dylan
My focus right now is my career, saving money, and spending time with who I love most – my family, Joey, and my friends.  All this is not necessarily for bigger and better things – but to simply find a negotiable balance and to plan for the future. Surprisingly the desire to have a family of my own is more prevalent than it was before, mostly because I see me and my cousins moving into this phase in our lives, but I know it will take time and planning.  No need to rush or worry about when it will happen, especially since I am with somebody who wants all those things too.
 My nephew Ethan singing at my grandfather's grave Christmas Day
My parents’ generation are also moving into another phase.  Although I think my parents are still young and have 1 chick in the nest, they are already starting to talk about retirement and asking me and my sister to make sure we are financially stable so that we can help them with our youngest sister when she goes to college.  They are also starting to see their parents pass away.  My dad’s side of the family experienced their first major death, my grandfather’s, in April and then my grandfather’s brother on January 2nd of this year (my sis and I saw him while we were there). While it was odd not seeing him during Christmas, I’m coming to accept that my grandparents aren’t going to be around forever and I greatly appreciate the fact that I had them for as long as I did.
With all this in mind – 2007 was an eventful year.  From birth to death and everything in-between.  I don’t like to predict what 2008 may bring, but I know I will do my best to enjoy each and every moment. 

3 Responses to “Jumpin’ into the New Year!”

  1. Gary Says:

    Very insightful post!
    That baby is adorable. I think you’d make a great mother!

  2. richlouis Says:

    how did you take the jumping picture?
    tripod and timer?

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