Back 2 Digital…

My birthday gift to myself after not having had a digital camera in 4 years:
Canon PowerShot S5 1S

Basic Features:
8.0 megapixel
12.0 optical zoom
Can shoot quicktime movies

Not too tiny and not too big. I needed a portable alternative to my manual SLR Canon Ae-1 and wanted a lot of features. Furthermore, I chose to postpone getting a smartphone in January since Google made their software announcement. The camera won out and I know I’m going to spend the next night or so reading the manual and playing around with the features.

So for now enjoy some shots I took at Joe’s birthday dinner:
Joe at Magnolia
Me & Joe in the great Brooklyn sweaters we got from Joe's mom and sister!

More on the birthday celebrations later…

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2 Responses to “Back 2 Digital…”

  1. Gary Says:

    Happy Belated birthday and congrats on going digital.
    I’ve been trying to find a good copy of the Canon G9.

  2. tremaine Says:

    hey lady… đŸ™‚ happy happy happy happy birthday. you’re getting old… lovely gifts and even lovelier pictures.

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