Yo! MTV Raps

Vettie Vette and Ed Lover, originally uploaded by vettie vette.

After an hourlong wait in line, I made it into the PUMA YO! MTV Raps Party. They were premiering the new YO! MTV Raps collection which features limited edition shoes for Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, MC Shan, and Ed Lover and Dr. Dre. Unfortunately, they were not selling the shoes in the store and were only offering weak versions, but the party was fun nonetheless. Black Moon performed and Evil Dee provided all the music for the evening. A group of cats were rockin’ old schoolnowinfashion 80s gear, making me wish I’d kept my fluorescent windbreaker. Furthermore, I was able to accomplish my one goal for the night – a picture with Ed Lover.

2 Responses to “Yo! MTV Raps”

  1. msmind Says:

    Ed Lover still looks the same, just a tad bit older in the face, is all… good picture of you two…

  2. leftymarine Says:

    your pics and stories of meeting all these folks in music never fail to amaze me…

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