Back 2 School: New Haircut. New Job. New Office.

Me in my new office
Summer is coming to a close and it always seems to end way too early.  Probably because I had one of the most fulfilling summers in the longest time.  It pays to live in a city that is in constant motion.  It is even all the more gratifying when one has good company.  I was sitting at my new job admiring my new office (see above) when Summer’s events hit me:

– danced like no one was watching at Von King Park and Fort Greene Park

– saw RAMP at Central Park Summerstage

– Coney Island for hotdogs and beach time

– DJing all over Brooklyn and Manhattan: bOb’s, my block, and the House of Yes (oops that’s in Ridgewood…but close enough to BK!)

– KRS-One at Prospect Park

new kitten

– visited California for my Dad’s birthday

– Peven Everett at Club Langston

– finalized my latest mixcd

– hungout w/ Joey, my sister and friends

– Lauryn Hill

– Arrested Development

– and last, but not least, Stevie Wonder (see previous post)

It was an amazing summer and I can’t wait to see what Fall has in store.

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3 Responses to “Back 2 School: New Haircut. New Job. New Office.”

  1. Gary Says:

    I have added you to my feed 🙂 So is this your main blog?

  2. vettievette Says:

    Yup this is my main blog!

  3. msmind Says:

    I’m so glad your summer was an eventful one… that’s always a great thing! good luck w/ the new location and new office 🙂

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