“Kill the DJ!”

Vettie Vette, originally uploaded by triple5funk.

She must’ve not been more than 13, but already murder was being considered when I rejected her requests for ‘something to dance to.’ Mind you, I was playing Prince – KISS. She eventually went away when I told her that we had none of the music she was asking for (‘yonce, Rihanna, etc.) and that it had already been played all day. Furthermore, my DJ partner Brina Payne was one of the DJs who played those records! I chose not to retort with “I’m a DJ, not a jukebox.” Instead I kept on playing – as long as the adults were groovin’, I’m not movin’.

This experience is very different from my usual dj gigs, where the crowd is mostly my age and I can get away with playing whatever I wanted. I realized then and there that the mobile dj business is not for me. Call me stubborn, narrow-minded, or – god forbid – old, but I will not play Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girl”. There’s just an imaginary line I will not cross.

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One Response to ““Kill the DJ!””

  1. tremaine Says:

    as long as she was not the person paying you, you were right in your beliefs and actions to deny playing what she wanted. children need a little good music in their lives anyway. *nods*

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