Life With a Cat

I think all kittens are crazy. This one wakes me up at 4:00 am wanting to play – biting my feet, hitting my face, and scratching my thighs. Sometimes he gets spanked, but I think he’s too young to get that we’re not playing around. So I’ve decided to let him tear up Timon. Poor Lion King Meerkat. He’s about the same size as my kitten and I’ve noticed that he’ll wrestle him to the point of just being too tired to do anything else. Let’s hope this works.

2 Responses to “Life With a Cat”

  1. Bayang Says:

    Hahahaha… That’s a funny but weird cat… I told you it’s bad luck. Just kidding

  2. msmind Says:

    you guys are in for some fun times and some distressing one as well 🙂

    happy mommyhood to you…

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